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Problems We Solve
Problems We Solve 9

Startups call on Adaca when they want to build technology products but lack the technical knowledge to make it happen.

As a company that has serviced startups, large corporates, and government, we’ve developed a lean framework that enables companies to build technology and avoid the unforeseen problems in the software development journey.

After working with Adaca and implementing our new approach to software development, organisations have seen their technology products successfully launch to schedule.

Organisations rely on Adaca to help solve these common challenges and problems.

A New Approach To Building Technology

Expert Project Managers

Companies who engage with Adaca are paired with Australian based project managers with both software development and business expertise. Their role is to be the translation layer between our clients and our developers to build products whilst providing you with full visibility on project delivery.

Distributed Development Teams

Adaca builds distributed development teams who are paired with our expert project managers. Our developers are dedicated to one project at a time, ensuring complete focus from start to finish. This ensures they efficiently work to create continuous outcomes for you.

Who is NOT a good fit?

For the right organisations, Adaca has a strong track record of achieving extraordinary results. But, there are a few attributes that would indicate that we won’t have a good fit. We work hard to avoid those situations where Adaca might not be able to deliver the results clients expect. Some attributes that might be a sign of a bad fit include:

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