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Hire employees offshore with our Employer of Record platform

Adaca One is an Employer of Record (EoR) platform that leverages our years of experience in discovering what works best in building offshore teams, and providing this with dual management across Australia and the Philippines.

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What is Adaca One?

Adaca One helps companies to reduce staff costs by over 50%, which is higher than the industry average of 30% as reported by ABS.

Cost effective resourcing

We provide cost effective access to resourcing in the Philippines, with domestic and international oversight to align your local and offshore operations. This helps to significantly minimise risk.

Dual country management and recruitment

Local management is essential in ensuring you find the right people. We employ our own recruitment team in Australia and the Philippines to get the most suitable talent for you.

Minimising the risk of offshoring

Our extensive experience building successful businesses ourselves based on cultural alignment helps to drastically minimise risk. We connect with your company to understand your values, and then take care to find the right people who will become part of your company in the long term.

Get all your Employer of Record questions answered

Wondering how much it costs to open your own entity? Or how long it may take? Maybe you’re curious about how to handle equity and IP ownership? Get all the answers you’re searching for.

Automate Manual Work

Automation of your offshore presence

Our Process

Adaca One undergoes a predefined onboarding process inspired by our services business to streamline commencement with our platform.


Handover to a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Kickoff Meeting

Key stakeholders from your team meet with us to organise a plan for onboarding and successful launch.

Statement of Work

Objectives and milestones are defined to keep both parties accountable.


Integration with third party systems to streamline business processes.

Go Live

Launch of the Adaca One solution into your business.


Regular check ins to ensure ongoing success of Adaca One in alignment with your objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An Employer of Record (EOR), like Adaca One, allows companies to hire an employee anywhere in the world without establishing a legal entity in the locations in which they’d like to hire people. This allows companies to access the world’s best talent without needing to worry about payroll, legal, HR, and compliance.

If you have an existing team member, we can onboard them to the Adaca One solution within minutes.

If you use our recruitment services, we recommend allowing 6 to 8 weeks for the full recruitment process, including the time it takes for your future team member to serve out notice periods with their existing employer.

By default, employees will work from home. However, relationships we hold with coworking spaces on the ground in each country we operate within allows us to find an office location for them to operate within if you prefer your employees to work in an office.

Devices, such as mobile phones and laptops, can either be provided by you or the employee. If the employee already has the appropriate devices, they can leverage their existing device, provided they’re comfortable installing company relevant software on their devices. If they do not have suitable equipment, we can work with you to arrange rented or purchased devices to be sent to the employee.

Our employment contracts are written such that any and all intellectual property (IP) developed by the employee during their term with you passes through to you, the customer.

Termination differs from country to country. As such, our country offices work with local lawyers to ensure you remain compliant with regulatory and contractual requirements in each location you operate within. These resources are available to provide advice to you as required so you can remain compliant.

If your question isn’t answered, get in touch with us.